About Our Bobbi Girl

April 4th, 2014 by Andrea

Bobbi is a 7 year old maltipoo. She came to us from a city shelter on January 16th, 2014.

Bobbi had a severe ear infection that was not treated properly in years. She was so thin with all bones showing and a matted coat soaked in urine. We had her medically treated for her ears, and shaved down. Now we have to start slowly and put weight on our girl.

Through the whole time she had been with us, she has never lost her loving spirit. For everyone that has held her, gave her a treat, or took her out for a walk we would like to say a heart full  thank you. 2 and a half months later, she is now in her forever home. Everyday when you get the chance to make a difference in an animals life, is another day you want to wake up and do it all over again. Thank you for everyones support. It takes a great army of people to make one days difference.

Adopt and make a difference in an animals life

February 27th, 2014 by Andrea

The Wagging Tail of the Old Dog

There are few things happier and more sincere in life than a dog’s wagging tail.
There is the wagging tail of a puppy, that just won’t stop. “Yay! Human! Yay! Dog! Yay! Butterfly! Yay! LIFE!”
There is the wagging tail of the confident dog who walks next to you so proudly, on the street.
There is the wagging tail of the dog who welcomes you home, each time acting like he thought he would never see you again.
There is the wagging tail of a dog waiting for his dinner to be ready, and there is the wagging tail of a dog who greets another dog in friendship.

Wagging tails are often enthusiastic, sometimes shy, but they’re always guaranteed to make you smile.

And, out of all the happiness-inducing wagging tails, there is one kind that will make a human cry and smile at the same time.

The wagging tail of the old dog.

Not the dog who is “eight-years-young.”
Not the dog who will suddenly start aging backwards on good food and with good care.
Not the dog who “has so much life to live.”

No. It’s the truly old dog. The broken dog.
The dog who, by the time your paths cross, can barely see or hear, whose delicate body is riddled with ailments from crippled joints to bizarre growths, whose steps are slow and unsteady, whose hair is brittle and hay-like, from whose eyes the sparkle has disappeared.

The old dog who is fragile and who, if he could, would tell you the story of a shattered life, of once having a home, not the best home, but the only home he knew, of losing everything when he became frail and most vulnerable, of giving up.

You know him.
You have met others exactly like him.

But, he doesn’t know you. You’re not his human and he doesn’t know where his human is.
He drags himself around your house, confused and snail-like, he crunches against the floor each time you pet him, he waits for you to move away before he anxiously takes a few bites of his dinner.
This is not his home, and you are not his human.

The days pass, and you let him be. You keep wishing he would just hurry up and learn to trust you, and make a miraculous comeback, and put on all that weight that he’s missing, and just… be OK…

The days sometimes turn into weeks, and he can finally sleep peacefully, and he no longer shrieks in terror when you try to pick him up, and he takes a treat or two from your hand, and you’re feeling wonderful about this progress, and you make peace with the fact that this is as good as it will ever get.

Until, one day, he wags his tail at you.

You know he can’t really hear you, and you know he can’t really see you.
But, you know he can feel you.
He now knows you’re around, and he now knows you are his human. You mean food, water, caresses, safety, love, life…

Out of nowhere, he is suddenly OK.
One day, you come home, you check on him on his favorite bed, you pet his head, he wakes up, slowly pulls himself on his paws – and his tail wags.
Or twice.
It’s enough for you.

You sit down on the floor, carefully take him in your arms, and you tell him, “It’s OK now. You are home.”
He looks at you with his blind eyes, and now you know that he knows.
Because he wagged his tail…

Please try to open up your hearts and homes to a senior pet

January 10th, 2014 by Andrea

PEOPLE: The True Pitbull

Working in an animal shelter really opens up your eyes to many things. I think I’ve seen it all: starving, abused, beaten down, broken, unloved animals. Families coming in willingly giving up their pets because they barked, or bit them, or pee’d on their ‘expensive’ rug– stupid reasons that with time and patience can be easily fixed. Give them a chance! These are animals that have never had a home and if they did it was filled with abuse and abandonment. But people expect them to automatically become accustom to their lifestyle meanwhile they are still adjusting to their own after being saved from a harmful environment and learning that not all people or households are the same.

One thing that struck me being around these animals are how friendly, lovable and mushy Pit bulls are, or shall I use the correct term: The American Staffordshire Terrier. The term ‘Pit bull’ comes from ‘Bully in the Pit’ a phrase used for dog fighting. So, let it be known that these dogs were forced to kill one another while the peanut gallery cheers them on, injects them with steroids, and locks them back up in cages playing doctor so they don’t get caught. And somehow they fall into being some sort of monster that people fear because of people themselves who throw them into these deadly situations and make money from their death.

People, the ones we assume have some form of morality, of logical thinking, of common sense.

People, the ones we assume know what’s right from wrong, have superior intelligence, and are civilized.

These same people, or shall I say monsters find pleasure in the pain of these animals. These innocent animals.

And now they forever hold this negative connotation in the eyes of uneducated people. They’re blinded because of the aggressive advertisement of these animals. Ignorance.

So who is the true ‘bully’ here?

I will never forget the day my boss called me and told me that whatever I did that night to try not to cry. I couldn’t wrap my head around what I was about to walk into. I knew we had just rescued a pit, but how bad could she be? I hesitated opening the door to the back room but I took a deep breath and walked in. There she was a beautiful blue nosed pit, nothing but skin and bones running right towards me, barely being able to keep herself up. This poor animal, the starvation, the abuse she must have went through. She ran right up to me and rubbed her head against my leg. As I placed my hand on her and rubbed her chest, she licked me. Deep down inside after all the pain she endured there was still hope for love. The reputation these dogs have causing people to fear them, but no one takes a step back to see the true monster that would do such a thing to an innocent animal. To have stripped it away from food, from love, from life. But here she is, trusting another human, trusting they aren’t all the same as humans assume they are. And with open arms I embraced her allowing myself to give into my pain and cry.

Her name is Hope and that’s exactly what she is– Hopeful for a better tomorrow, for love, for a home.

And she finally got it.


December 27th, 2012 by bobbi blogger

This story was submitted by Deidre, a volunteer and Kings new mom :)


I get a little overwhelmed when I think of all the people that had a hand in saving King, and then saving him again.  Many will know his story, but briefly he was rescued from a “home” where he was starved and left alone for days at time, beaten and abused.  It might have been easier to turn a blind eye, but thankfully kind people stepped in to feed and care for him until they could get him out of that horrendous situation.  He was lucky enough to end up with Bobbi and the Strays, where despite the stress of being in a shelter he found a group of angels who loved him and treated him with respect, and perhaps showed him the first kindness he’d ever known.  Just when you’d think King’s troubles were coming to a close, he suffered bloat in the shelter.  The staff and volunteers acted quickly and heroically. This horrible ailment has killed many dogs, and the surgery is costly – no Animal Shelter has extra cash lying around, but mercifully the staff at BATS came up with the funds and saved his life (again), and then fostered and nursed him back to good health.

When I first saw King, he was a very handsome boy who was always completely FRANTIC in his cage – crying pitifully and scratching desperately at the door – this along with the “No Fingers” signs on the cage made me a little wary of him.  When I was asked to take him for a walk one day I was shocked to find that out of his cage he became this mellow, chill, laid back, sweet fellow – completely not the nut case that I’d thought he was.  After the walk I got to hang out in the office with him and Linda, a volunteer who had fostered King, and learn his story – and the whole time we were talking I had a lump growing in my throat at the thought of putting him back into his cage.  I ended up going back for him that day, to bring him home for the weekend just to give him a little break.  At home King settled right in – the same laid back, gentle, polite mush.  He almost seemed determined to be the perfect dog and give us no excuse to bring him back.  I knew myself well enough to know that I wouldn’t ever be able to put him back in the cage that made him so unhappy, but still wasn’t thinking of permanently adopting him.  After a couple days that went by the wayside and the decision was made – King was staying.  Forever.  If we were lucky enough to have this dog fall into our lives, we weren’t going to be foolish enough to ever let him go.

Despite his history, King is a confident, secure, trusting, loving dog.  We have never seen any hint of fear or aggression from him, which is surprising given his troubled past.  He is quite dignified most of the time, but melts into a silly pouncing puppy when he is given a new stuffed goose to chase and disembowel (carefully supervised..no more surgeries for King!)  He walks at least three miles a day, and loves every minute of it – at the start of his walks he prances like a show horse with his tail wagging at full mast, by the end he pretends to sniff things just to take a little rest.  He has now peed on most of Bellmore and much of Merrick.  Sorry Bellmore.  And Merrick.

There are too many dogs with stories just as sad as King’s was, and many of those dogs will be saved by Bobbi and find new homes and the happiness and peace that they deserve.  For me, King is special and I don’t take lightly the fact that it’s truly a miracle that this dog is in my life.

Thank you to everyone who made that possible.

Sandy…Impact & Aftermath

December 13th, 2012 by bobbi blogger
Our hearts go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy which ravaged the East Coast in late October. If you are still displaced and/or still recovering from this horrible storm we wish you all the best – our thoughts are with you as well. Those of you that have helped others in this great time of need – Thank YOU! This is what makes us great especially in times of disaster.

Bobbi and the Strays has pulled through the storm, although our shelter in Freeport has sustained severe damage. We were able to evacuate all of our animals safely prior to the storm – some went into emergency foster homes – and others went to a “Safe House” location away from the threat of flood waters. As for our shelter – it was subjected to 4 (+) feet of flooding.

Our shelter was battered and the roof sustained wind damage. Equipment, furniture, pet food, medicine, and supplies were completely lost. Our boiler, water heater, washers and dryers, heating and air conditioning, and electrical lines were all destroyed and must all be replaced. Even things like our lawn mower and computers – gone – we were not able to salvage almost anything.

Those four feet of salt water that swamped us damaged walls, floors, and doors. Pipes are corroded and rusted. Painful to us was that everything inside our almost completed Clinic Trailer was completely destroyed – medicine, equipment – everything.

Our greatest concern was for our animals. Again – they are all safe. In great part to the many people who opened their homes and hearts to help foster as many dogs and cats as they could. The rest of our animals were safe and well cared for at our Safe House – which lost power for a while due to the storm.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have been supporting us with their time, supplies, and donations. We have come a long way – but have so much longer to go as we try to repair and rebuild our shelter – especially in preparation for the coming Winter months. We thank you all so much! Words can not express our gratitude to you. But look into the eyes of any one of our dogs or cats and you will see how much your support means.

Our greatest present need is money. We need to further repair our shelter and contract with professional construction services. We need to purchase and replace materials, equipment, medicine, food, supplies – EVERYTHING. Please help us.

One of the best ways to help is by becoming a monthly donor. Donating on a monthly basis provides funding that our dogs and cats can depend on regularly. Plus it will help provide us with a bit of financial security as we continue to repair and re-supply our shelter too. You can make a secure monthly donation via PayPal or Network for Good by clicking one of the buttons below.

Monthly Network for Good

Recurring Gift via PAYPAL






Prefer to make a one time donation instead? Why not contribute to our VERY SPECIAL “Hurricane Sandy Fundraising Campaign” by clicking the “indiegogo” button below? We are still a bit off the mark in regards to our fundraising goal…

Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser

Of course if you prefer to make contributions as you normally would either through PayPal, Network for Good, or via Check – your donations are always greatly apreciated. Click the heart for full info:

Thank you again for your continued support. All the best to everyone as we all continue to deal with Sandy’s aftermath. As the Dalai Lama has said, “No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

Can’t Wait for Walk 4 Paws!

May 1st, 2012 by bobbi blogger

This story was submitted by Dotti – her picture appears in this post.  Woof!

Hi! I'm Dottie!

I just can’t wait to strut my stuff at the Walk 4 Paws—it’s like I’m a teenager again, excited to go to prom!  Will you be at the Walk this Saturday?  I sure hope so – it will be such FUN!!!

Perhaps you’ve seen my photo.  (I’m the one on the top left HERE). Now tell me, am I not the prettiest dog you’ve ever seen? Okay, so I admit, sometimes those little Cavaliar King Charles dogs are cute, but I, on the other hand, am drop-dead G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S (wow, who knew I could spell so well?!). Look once into my soulful eyes—one is sky blue, the other a light hazel green—and you’ll have to agree.

See, I’m just like the Marilyn Monroe of dogs—everyone knows I’m beautiful, but deep down, I’m really just a shy girl looking for someone to love me for who I truly am.

People often don’t know this about me, but I enjoy simple things in life: just spending time with my human, chasing after a tennis ball. It’s not all diamonds and tiaras for this beauty queen; at heart, I’m just a dog who aims to please.

At Bobbi and the Strays, they know this about me, and that’s why they pamper me with attention. Sometimes they even throw the ball for me 100 times in a row. And you know what? I fetch it right back to them each time with a smile on my face, ready for more.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the Walk 4 Paws—to maybe meet my Prince Charming and whirl around the grassy park like the belle of the ball. (A girl can always dream, right?!)

IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: I have such great news to tell you all—just moments after I finished writing my Dog Tale, I was officially adopted by the nicest couple ever! (Talk about a fairytale ending!) Let’s hope we can see each other soon at the Walk 4 Paws so I can tell you about my fab new family & fun dog friends, too.

Love, Dotti   XOXOXO

P.S. Just keep believing—dreams do come true!!

P.P.S. It is still not too late to register for the 2012 Walk 4 Paws in Alley Pond Park taking place THIS SATURDAY!   CLICK HERE for all the info!

Journey to Atlantis

April 10th, 2012 by bobbi blogger

This story was submitted by Joanna Ferrufino, a Bobbi and the Strays volunteer.

My sweet ol’ lady, Atlantis…  I love all the dogs at Bobbi & the Strays but I must say Atlantis left an imprint on my heart.   She is the sweetest, most lovable and full of hope living-being.  I was always told that I have  an “old soul”, I wonder if that was my connection to her?

I remember the day I meet Atlantis… I saw her limping around the front office at the shelter in Freeport.  One of Bobbi’s staff workers told me that she was roaming the streets all sad and alone… and on top of being old she had bad arthritis.  No dog deserves to spend their golden years this way.

Well I am super glad Bobbi’s rescue decided to scoop this girl up.  I loved my time spent with Atlantis, even if it was just sitting next to her in the front office and going from there to the kitchen area.  Her cute nudges are so endearing… it felt as if she was speaking to me.

I decided to take some action of my own… this dog made me feel good inside… the least I can do was return the favor.  So, since her arthritis was really tough on her to go on longs walks I decided to get her a wagon!  A wagon could take her past the gates at the shelter!!

So I asked around for a wagon on Facebook, a day later I get a message from a wonderful lady wanting to donate her old wagon - old just like Atlantis.  Ha!  So I drove 45 minutes to go pick this wagon up and went home and tried to pimp it out… cleaned it up, put on colorful bandanas, and a less than stellar paw print design I drew by hand.  I am sure she did not care.

Well I took the wagon the next day which was a mission in itself to try to get it to fit inside my trunk.  At the shelter I filled it up with blankets and such and I had help from a volunteer to place her in the wagon and off we went!

Atlantis and her wagon ride

The wiggle in her nose and seeing her close her eyes and watching her floppy ears move while the wind blew (thank goodness for that nice windy warm air) - it made it all worth while.  I cried like a baby I mean who wouldn’t?  The wagon ride was not that long at all but it will stay in my heart forever for as long as I live.

I love you Atlantis!

Are YOU Walking?

April 3rd, 2012 by bobbi blogger

Are you walking at our Walk 4 Paws 2012?  How about mingling then?  Or just hanging out with us at beautiful Alley Pond Park on a lovely Spring day?

Walk 4 Paws 2011

May 5th, 2012 promises to be a great day out for you – and your dog too!  Best yet – all money raised from this Walk helps our organization and the Dogs and Cats that we rescue and care for.










This year’s annual Walk4Paws walk itself is about a mile and a half through a truly wonderful park.  You can walk as an individual or as a “pack” with your dogs on leashes.  You can also join the walk without a dog of course, as many of our supporters do.

Walking through Alley Pond Park

Register for the 2012 Walk 4 Paws through FirstGiving.  See the details here. Then create your own fundraising page and have your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors sponsor you.  Remember all funds raised HELP our CATS and DOGS!

Go Team!









Really FABULOUS PRIZES will be awarded to top fundraisers and fundraising packs too.

PLUS there will be so much more for you, your family, and your dogs to enjoy at Walk 4 Paws!  From goody bags, t-shirts, people and pet contests, trivia, dog agility courses and games, low-cost micro-chipping, low-cost spay & neuter, pet portraits, and pet reiki – to a blessing of the animals, trainers and veterinarians on hand to answer your questions and give you tips, and of course adoptable animals from Bobbi and the Strays.

Fun for the Whole Family!

Want to see what a great event it is and how much fun people have?  Check out last year’s photos on our Flickr account here.

We hope to see you there!!!!!

Remember to register here!

Facebook to Feline Fostering

March 27th, 2012 by bobbi blogger

This story was submitted by Joan Deraval, a Bobbi and the Strays foster mommy.

I have gone through many Facebook “phases.”   There was the find my childhood friend phase, the high school reunion phase, the find an ex phase, and the obsessive game playing phase.  I even played a game called Petville and would wake up early to feed and care for my virtual pets!!

This August Facebook lead me to Bobbi and the Strays and the fostering cats adventure and I now wake up early to care for my many fosters.  It started when I saw a post on Facebook that Bobbi and the Strays had to evacuate their Freeport shelter before Hurricane Irene, and I “dove into” the world of animal foster. A s people were in rushing about, trying to prepare their homes for a possible major storm, the staff and volunteers at Bobbi and the Strays were working to take care of all the dogs and cats that had to be relocated.

The 3 adult cats (Naomi, Lulu and Joey) were chosen by me because they already lived together peacefully, and they seemed to like my partner and I when we entered their space at the shelter.  On the way home – we had 3 howling cats in the back of the car: Naomi, a sweet tabby, and Joey and Lulu, regal black panther looking siblings.

Joey & Lulu

When we got home the adventure really began.  Joey and Lulu had grown up in the shelter, and they were comfortable with us while at the shelter…. but as soon as we got them home we entered into a phase that lasted about 6 weeks… I call it “where in the world are Joey and Lulu?”   The two of them hid for a while in the space in between the 2 parts of our trundle bed (the lower mattress).

Lulu stopped hiding after a few days, but retreated to the cat carrier I had left out for them.  Joey found corners and spots in the room I never knew existed.  He even found his way into the drop ceiling.  Naomi however was relaxed and happy getting all the attention that would have been shared if the other 2 shelter “siblings” had been more social.  Even with all the challenges, I felt they were beautiful, young cats that needed some extra help in finding their way to a forever home.  After the storm I told Bobbi and the Strays that I wanted to foster the 3 cats until they got adopted.

In the weeks to follow, Joey and Lulu had slowly become more social.  For a few minutes during feeding time, they were my best friends, allowing me to pet them.  They slept out in the open and allowed me to get close to them.  They now play with each other, and climb all over the gym equipment that is in their room.  They also play with me using toys on a string!  I don’t think they will ever be lap cats, but they are on their way to being “adoption ready”.  Joey has become more social, but Lulu went though a reclusive phase that recently ended when I found out she loves playing with the laser light from a 99 cent store flashlight and a red feather boa toy.

Naomi is a sweet heart.  She is so sweet and very affectionate.  She loves to play and loves to be petted.  When I met her I knew that she would be the perfect match for my neighbor who’s cat had died a few years ago.  I invited my neighbor over, and she said Naomi even looked like her former cat “Angel”.  After a number of visits, my neighbor announced she wanted to adopt Naomi, and she is now in her furever home!

I immediately started to think about the next cat I could foster!  Hmm, maybe a Mamma cat and her kittens???  We had rescued and raised an orphaned kitten last year, so I was confident we could foster kittens.  I was planning to let other people know I was open to additional fosters in the spring.

But then one Friday after a stressful week at work, I saw Bambi on the “Special Pleas” list on Facebook.  Not only did she have the most beautiful face and the most soulful eyes, but she also looked just like the calico I had as a child.  It wasn’t the best time to take on additional animal responsibilities.  I was busy at work and I had other fosters I wanted to get adopted, but my heart said I had to do it, because I knew she and her kittens had little chance of surviving at Animal and Care Control, and it would only be a matter of time before she ended up sick and/or on the euthanasia list.  I also knew because she was a “New Hope” animal, she needed to be “pulled” by a rescue organization in order for me to foster her.


I contacted Laura at Bobbi and the Strays.   She took the info and said she would call and ask about the cat.  She said she could help me with the “pull”.   I was so anxious to hear back from her to hear how Bambi was doing and to hear when I could get her.  The news was a bit of a surprise.  Bambi had already had five kittens!!  I hadn’t really planned to bring home 6 cats, and for a short while I had no idea how I was going to make this work, but I was more committed than ever to saving these cats.  I told Laura I would get Bambi and her kittens the next morning.

That Sunday was the coldest day of the year.  I prepared the carrier with soft blankets, and brought another blanket to put over the carrier.  We got to the Manhattan Animal Care and Control building around 10am.  I walked into an empty waiting room, signed in and was asked to wait.  My partner waited in the car so it could be kept warm for the kittens.  The wait was probably less then 30 minutes, but I was so anxious it felt like a lifetime.

They finally called me and they brought out Bambi and her kittens in a cardboard carrier.  They put a towel in it for her.  The thought of this poor scared cat with her kittens in this cardboard box made me want to cry.  I rushed to get them in the warmth of the car, so we could bring them all to their vet appointment.  I wanted to hold Bambi, but thought she needed to feel safe and she needed to be safely contained.  I opened the box long enough to put a blanket in for her only to find that she really wanted to be stroked.

Bambi and her newborn kittens

When we got to the vet, the waiting room was nice and toasty.  I checked on Bambi in her carrier and she was eager to have human contact.  The startling thing was that this neglected and abandoned cat who just went through the stress of birthing 5 kittens in a cage somehow managed to still trust people.   She allowed the vet and the 2 of us to pet her, and allowed us to handle her kittens.  She trusted us.  I think she knew she and her babies were safe.

The vet’s report was good, Mamma and kitties were healthy, but Mamma was clearly underweight.  When you ran your hand down her side her ribs protruded and you could feel the sharpness of her ribcage.  The vet said a nursing cat her size should be about 9 pounds – she was less then 6 pounds.  So part of our job was to fatten her up!

We brought her home and she and the kittens quickly settled in to the room we felt would best meet her needs - our bathroom.  The bathroom is warm and cozy, and small.  The bathtub was  turned into a cat nursery, with layers of towels and a top layer of wee-wee pads that could be changed when wet or dirty.  Outside the tub was Bambi’s bed and food.  There was barely room for us to move in the bathroom, but it was a sacrifice we are happy to make.

The first few weeks of fostering this feline family was a roller coaster.  We were so happy that Bambi and her kittens came out of ACC healthy, forgetting that it takes time for colds to incubate.  One week after her rescue, Bambi started to sneeze, and then developed the upper respiratory infection she probably caught at ACC.  We nursed her through it, taking everyone out of the tub and running the shower to fill the room with steam.  One night she was very congested so we checked on her throughout the night, making sure she was ok.  One day she seemed totally disinterested with food, so I syringe fed her.  Other days I added tuna liquid and clam juice to make her food “smelly” and sat on the floor playing with her food, putting it in her mouth with my fingers until she would eat.  After about 4 days, she started eating better and breathing better, and she made a full recovery.  The following weeks, one kitten got sick, then another.  More trips to the vet, more medication, and with the kittens, days of bottle-feeding when they didn’t seem to be nursing.  Yes, a lot of work.

Bambi and her kittens

But such a HUGE payoff!  The kittens grew strong, like a family of furry clowns had taken over the bathtub, then the house.  Tumbling, running, all five of them squeezing into a small box I gave them, sleeping one on top of another.  Bambi has gained weight and is growing stronger.

Cali and Creamsicle

As of Saturday, all the kittens have found good homes!  Bambi will be ready for adoption soon.  Naomi has her forever home.  Joey and Lulu welcome me every morning and walk me to their food bowls, and then play with the toy I throw them.

I have become committed to fostering because I believe that everyone must do their part to make the world a better place for animals, and because seeing them grow strong and happy is the biggest gift in the world!

Oh – What a Year!

March 20th, 2012 by bobbi blogger


A little over a year ago, On March 11th 2011 – we became the proud owners of a “new” shelter when Bobbi and the Strays assumed ownership and operational control of a pre-existing animal shelter located in Freeport, NY.  We were extremely excited at the opportunity to help serve the Freeport community, the greater Long Island community, and to be able to serve even more of New York in helping homeless and abused animals.

A “New” Shelter for our animals…  “New” is in quotations because the building was far from new when we took it over. It was in dire need of a good cleaning, upgrade, repair, and renovation.  Regardless, even then, to us at Bobbi and the Strays, it was NEW and represented hope, possibilities and a bright future for many more animals in need.

When we bought the building we also assumed care for the 18 dogs and over 250 cats that were already residing there.

We were truly tested just a few months later when Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast.  We had to evacuate ALL of the animals located in our new shelter in Freeport.  The ASPCA assisted in transportation.  The Shops at Atlas Park Mall provided empty warehouse space.  Our volunteers – some prior strangers to our organization – worked tirelessly to get our animals out of harms way.  We were also lucky that a few people even volunteered to care for some of our dogs and cats in their own homes until the storm had passed. 

We were also worried about our new shelter itself and almost afraid to return to it after the storm.  Luckily we only sustained minor damage.  Then we had the big job of reversing the evacuation until all of our animals were safely back at the shelter.   

2011 was an EXTREMELY busy year for Bobbi and the Strays!


Celebrating our shelter anniversary, it is hard to believe that it has been an entire year in Freeport already.  If you have not stopped by our newest location yet – please do – 2 Rider Place, Freeport, NY  11520. 

We have made great strides within just one year of taking over this shelter with repairs being made to the roof, sewer, and walls.  We painted.  Security cameras were donated and installed.  We also renovated space for an administrative office.  For the kitties, we installed a giant picture window in our cat room so that they could enjoy more sunlight and become further acclimated to people and activities.  For the dogs, we landscaped our lawns and outdoor space to provide for better exercise, socialization and play.

These are just a few of our projects.  We could go on forever here…   

Our shelter has since become a bright, happy, welcome place for people to visit and our wards to live in until they find their “furever” homes. 

Between both of our shelters, we adopted out over 370 dogs and over 240 cats – more than 600 adoptions for 2011!  And that number does not even take into account other dogs and cats that we assisted in getting into great homes or helped to remain in their homes.

We have always prided ourselves on care for Cats and Dogs.  Our cats get plenty of toys, attention and playtime.  Our dogs get walked four times a day at our shelters plus playtime in outside runs at our shelter in Freeport.

We have a long standing partnership with Pawsative Dog Training to help us rehabilitate our dogs and our dogs have long attended Monday night training classes with Pawsative and always participate on early morning hikes with the trainers and a pack of well socialized dogs in Alley Pond Park.

In the past year we have taken it a step further and Pawsative Dog Training now helps us also train our volunteers and staff to in turn train the shelter dogs in basic commands and good manners.

We have also partnered with the Joseph M. Barry Career and Technical Education Center (part of the Nassau BOCES Educational Consortium).  Students from this school regularly visit our Freeport location and help out by cleaning-up and taking care of our animals with play and socialization.     

We still regularly visit classrooms, schools, and libraries to educate others about the importance of spay & neuter, how to care for Dogs and Cats, and how they can make a difference by becoming part of the solution.  In the last year we have expanded our educational programs beyond New York City to now also include the greater Long Island area as well.

Our very dedicated volunteers have devoted long, hard, hours committed to our cats and dogs, their wellbeing, and hopeful futures in wonderful homes.    


Animal Rescue is tough work – the number of animals that need help is increasing every day – and these animals need all of the help they can get.  

None of our locations is as ideal as we would like – YET – but we continue to concentrate on the future and what our shelters and organization as a whole can further become. 

At our shelter located in Freeport, we still have a LOT of work to do with upgrade, repair, and renovation.  We still hope to have a meet & greet room, on-site vet, low cost spay and neuter clinic, outside agility areas – even more painting – and SO MUCH MORE!  An ambitious goal? Absolutely! But we believe in placing value in what matters most – these precious creatures. Like you we believe that they are more than worth it.


We are extremely grateful to all of those who have supported us this past year – to all those that have Donated, Adopted, Volunteered, Fostered, and Sponsored – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It is because of YOU that we were able to help so many of these precious creatures. 

We truly want to highlight our thanks to our wonderful and caring Volunteers – for all of their efforts and all the love they give our animals – THANK YOU!  

We have many Volunteer Opportunities and most definitely need you! We also post our monthly Volunteer Orientation dates on the Events and News page of our website.  Click HERE for more information on VOLUNTEERING.

We are also in Dire Need of Donations. Providing the best care possible to our dogs and cats while undertaking major repairs and renovation is no small task.  PLEASE help us help them by DONATING HERE.  Your generosity and support enables us to continue our work and every little bit will help us with the important work that we do – it truly will. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to stop by our Long Island Adoption Center, or our Adoption Center at The Shops at Atlas Park in Queens, and visit with our adoptable friends then assist us in spreading the word to help them find wonderful forever homes. 

Thank you for your continued support!  We are thrilled to celebrate our Anniversary in Freeport with you!  Stay tuned…more exciting stuff is on the way…

Thank you!!!


Bobbi and Laura

Bobbi and the Strays