Bad Gifts Can Help BATS

Did you get a new cell-phone – what are you going to do with the old one?

Maybe you received a Holiday gift that you don’t need (or don’t really want)… : – )


And don’t throw out your used ink cartridges either…


Did you know that your cast-offs can equal support for our dogs and cats? 


CELL PHONES – Don’t throw away your old cell phone – even if it is not working!  Donate it to Bobbi and the Strays – your old phone equals cash for our dogs & cats. You can drop off phones at our Adoption Center – or even mail them to us.  Click here for more info.  


DONATING through EBAYNeed to get rid of some gifts you don’t really need – why not make some money for yourself and give to a great cause at the same time? 


If you sell on eBay and help support our cause through ‘eBay’s GivingWorks’ you can receive some great benefits such as fee credits, added search & visibility of your items to the public, and a tax-deductible receipt for your donation!  Click here for more info.


DONATING GOODSWe will also directly accept almost any type of saleable item in NEW or VERY GOOD condition to sell, auction, or raffle for fundraising purposes.  You can also receive a tax-deductible receipt for eligible items that you donate.  Please follow this link to see what we are most in need of and for further information.


DONATE used ink CARTRIDGES – Don’t throw your used ink cartridges in the trash.  Did you get a new printer and have no use for your old ink cartidges?  Donate them to us instead.  We recycle them which helps the planet and we get money for recycling too – which helps our dogs and cats!  You can drop off cartridges at our Adoption Center – or even mail them to us. Please click here for further information..

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