Can’t Wait for Walk 4 Paws!

This story was submitted by Dotti – her picture appears in this post.  Woof!

Hi! I'm Dottie!

I just can’t wait to strut my stuff at the Walk 4 Paws—it’s like I’m a teenager again, excited to go to prom!  Will you be at the Walk this Saturday?  I sure hope so – it will be such FUN!!!

Perhaps you’ve seen my photo.  (I’m the one on the top left HERE). Now tell me, am I not the prettiest dog you’ve ever seen? Okay, so I admit, sometimes those little Cavaliar King Charles dogs are cute, but I, on the other hand, am drop-dead G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S (wow, who knew I could spell so well?!). Look once into my soulful eyes—one is sky blue, the other a light hazel green—and you’ll have to agree.

See, I’m just like the Marilyn Monroe of dogs—everyone knows I’m beautiful, but deep down, I’m really just a shy girl looking for someone to love me for who I truly am.

People often don’t know this about me, but I enjoy simple things in life: just spending time with my human, chasing after a tennis ball. It’s not all diamonds and tiaras for this beauty queen; at heart, I’m just a dog who aims to please.

At Bobbi and the Strays, they know this about me, and that’s why they pamper me with attention. Sometimes they even throw the ball for me 100 times in a row. And you know what? I fetch it right back to them each time with a smile on my face, ready for more.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the Walk 4 Paws—to maybe meet my Prince Charming and whirl around the grassy park like the belle of the ball. (A girl can always dream, right?!)

IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: I have such great news to tell you all—just moments after I finished writing my Dog Tale, I was officially adopted by the nicest couple ever! (Talk about a fairytale ending!) Let’s hope we can see each other soon at the Walk 4 Paws so I can tell you about my fab new family & fun dog friends, too.

Love, Dotti   XOXOXO

P.S. Just keep believing—dreams do come true!!

P.P.S. It is still not too late to register for the 2012 Walk 4 Paws in Alley Pond Park taking place THIS SATURDAY!   CLICK HERE for all the info!

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