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Bad Gifts Can Help BATS

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Did you get a new cell-phone – what are you going to do with the old one?

Maybe you received a Holiday gift that you don’t need (or don’t really want)… : – )


And don’t throw out your used ink cartridges either…


Did you know that your cast-offs can equal support for our dogs and cats? 


CELL PHONES – Don’t throw away your old cell phone – even if it is not working!  Donate it to Bobbi and the Strays – your old phone equals cash for our dogs & cats. You can drop off phones at our Adoption Center – or even mail them to us.  Click here for more info.  


DONATING through EBAYNeed to get rid of some gifts you don’t really need – why not make some money for yourself and give to a great cause at the same time? 


If you sell on eBay and help support our cause through ‘eBay’s GivingWorks’ you can receive some great benefits such as fee credits, added search & visibility of your items to the public, and a tax-deductible receipt for your donation!  Click here for more info.


DONATING GOODSWe will also directly accept almost any type of saleable item in NEW or VERY GOOD condition to sell, auction, or raffle for fundraising purposes.  You can also receive a tax-deductible receipt for eligible items that you donate.  Please follow this link to see what we are most in need of and for further information.


DONATE used ink CARTRIDGES – Don’t throw your used ink cartridges in the trash.  Did you get a new printer and have no use for your old ink cartidges?  Donate them to us instead.  We recycle them which helps the planet and we get money for recycling too – which helps our dogs and cats!  You can drop off cartridges at our Adoption Center – or even mail them to us. Please click here for further information..

Holiday Help for Cats & Dogs

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Happy Holidays!  We want to THANK YOU – so much – for your support this past year – we could not have continued our work without your help.

There are also some great ways that you can enjoy the season and help support Bobbi and the Strays at the same time.

Photos with Santa - Saturday, December 10th & Sunday, December 11th

Your pet gets to meet and greet Santa and maybe even whisper in Santa’s ear what he or she wants for Christmas. (Remember, Santa speaks all languages.) Atlantic Nursery is kind enough to host this event to benefit Bobbi and the Strays. 

Shop on-line using      Shop at your favorite retailers on-line through GoodShop and those retailers will donate up to 30% of your purchase price to Bobbi and the Strays! Best yet – THE DONATION WILL NOT COST YOU A THING! Over 1,000 retailers participate including Macy’s, Best Buy, Amazon, Toys R Us, Gap, and so many more! Just go to and select “Bobbi and the Strays” under ‘who do you good search for” before you shop, select your retailer – and SHOP! It is that easy – AND FREE – just make sure that you always start at

Buy your gifts on eBay   Just visit the Bobbi and the Strays eBay Giving Works page where for any designated purchase you make a percentage of your purchase price gets donated to our dogs and cats!

Give a BATS Gift Donation     to family, friends, co-workers – anyone who loves dogs and/or cats! By giving this meaningful gift to a loved one you will be helping an animal in need at the same time. We will mail an event appropriate card acknowledging your gift to the recipient of your choice. Perfect even for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mother’s Day, CHRISTMAS – and more! 

Shop at Mention Bobbi and the Strays and receive 10% off any regularly priced items (excluding shipping and insurance) and best yet – another 5% will get donated to Bobbi and the Strays. Collectibles, antiques, fine and costume jewelry – there is something for everyone – including the 5% TO OUR DOGS AND CATS. Check it out!

And don’t forget to keep checking our website for upcoming events!

We at Bobbi and the Strays want to Thank You for your continued support and wish you and your furry family a Wonderful, Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season!

Website Launch & Martini Mixer

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The new Bobbi and the Strays website was launched on the evening of Tuesday, February 17th, 2009. We here at Bobbi and the Strays consider this date in time a historic moment.  :)

The Adopt a Pet page of the website is an especially big hit with the public since it showcases most of the beautiful dogs and cats that we have for adoption. Our website is a big success and we want to thank you and all of our supporters for helping to make it such a success. Thank You!!!


We also need to thank the folks behind the website for all of their time, generosity, and true kindness. First – the website was donated to Bobbi and the Strays! Hooray for us! This donor wishes to remain anonymous – but we still need to let you know of the hard work and resources he put into this – and continues to put into this – on our behalf.


While this very special person did most of the work – programming, administration, hosting, etc. – it was definitely a group effort to get the project off the ground and finished.  A group of volunteers worked for many, many, months with creating and organizing content and then laying it all out. A graphic designer by the name of Becky Munich volunteered to design the template and graphics for our site – making it look as lovely as it does. We want to thank all of these people for making this website possible – THANK YOU!!!


Also, staff members and volunteers are continually working on updating our animal profiles, events, news, as well as a few other corners of the website. They contribute to the success of this website on a daily basis. Thank You!!! 


Two weeks after the successful launch of our website we wanted to have a little fun. So on Thursday, March 5th, we had our Weblaunch Martini Mixer in the Martini Lounge at Simply Fondue. It was a great event and about 80 people attended.

Camille witht he one and only Bobbi

Camille with the one and only Bobbi

For a small admission guests were treated to appetizers and unlimited discounted martinis (of which, by the way, Simply Fondue offers over 75 types of) as well as some great music and mingling.  We were also lucky enough to have donated to us some wonderful raffle prizes.


In the background, on two large flat screen televisions, we also had two videos playing. One was a walk-through of our website. The other was created by our Shelter Manager, Laura, which showcased our larger dogs that were available for adoption. It was a great night!

Laura with Bill

Laura with Bill

By now, hopefully, you are quite familiar with our website. If not, please be sure to check it out here -



Thank you to all who attended. Thank you to those that visit and use our website. Thank you for your generous donations. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers and donors who made – and continue to make – this website possible. THANK YOU!!!




P.S. – If you attended this event – or even if you didn’t but wish you had (not to worry) - we are having a “Martninis for Mutts” FUNdrasier on July 30 at the same place!  Please follow this link for the details.  We hope to see you there. : – )

For Free – Help Bobbi’s Strays

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


Did you know that you can help Bobbi and the Strays FOR FREE?  It’s true.  And it is something that you probably do almost every day anyway. 


Use as your search engine every time you search the web.

For every search you conduct using - Bobbi and the Strays receives cash. It is absolutely free for you to use, is powered by Yahoo, and we receive more then a penny per search.  And those pennies can really add up!  


Just be sure to select “Bobbi and the Strays” under “who do you good search for” before you search so that your searches count!  Once you choose this option on your computer, unless you delete your cookies, Bobbi and the Strays should remain the charity of your choice – just be sure to check. : – )


Use before you shop on-line.

Shop online at your favorite retailers through GoodShop and those retailers will donate up to 37% of your purchase price to Bobbi and the Strays. Best yet – it won’t cost you a thing!  Just go to first each time you shop online.  Then be sure to select “Bobbi and the Strays” under “who do you good search for”, find your favorite retailer’s link through Goodshop – then shop!  


There are thousands of participating retailers – some you may not have even thought of!  They include:





The New York Times

Foster & Smith


Best Buy


Sports Authority

Delta Airlines



Franklin Covey

Discover Card

The Body Shop

Six Flags



Barnes & Noble

1 800 Flowers

– and so very many more! 

Browse the vendors and you might be suprised at who/what you will find. 


GoodShop and GoodSearch are easy and free ways for you to help us help animals in need.  What a great way to make a donation – FOR FREE – just by doing the things that you would normally do. 


Thank you for your continued support!!!