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Holiday Help for Cats & Dogs

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Happy Holidays!  We want to THANK YOU – so much – for your support this past year – we could not have continued our work without your help.

There are also some great ways that you can enjoy the season and help support Bobbi and the Strays at the same time.

Photos with Santa - Saturday, December 10th & Sunday, December 11th

Your pet gets to meet and greet Santa and maybe even whisper in Santa’s ear what he or she wants for Christmas. (Remember, Santa speaks all languages.) Atlantic Nursery is kind enough to host this event to benefit Bobbi and the Strays. 

Shop on-line using      Shop at your favorite retailers on-line through GoodShop and those retailers will donate up to 30% of your purchase price to Bobbi and the Strays! Best yet – THE DONATION WILL NOT COST YOU A THING! Over 1,000 retailers participate including Macy’s, Best Buy, Amazon, Toys R Us, Gap, and so many more! Just go to and select “Bobbi and the Strays” under ‘who do you good search for” before you shop, select your retailer – and SHOP! It is that easy – AND FREE – just make sure that you always start at

Buy your gifts on eBay   Just visit the Bobbi and the Strays eBay Giving Works page where for any designated purchase you make a percentage of your purchase price gets donated to our dogs and cats!

Give a BATS Gift Donation     to family, friends, co-workers – anyone who loves dogs and/or cats! By giving this meaningful gift to a loved one you will be helping an animal in need at the same time. We will mail an event appropriate card acknowledging your gift to the recipient of your choice. Perfect even for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mother’s Day, CHRISTMAS – and more! 

Shop at Mention Bobbi and the Strays and receive 10% off any regularly priced items (excluding shipping and insurance) and best yet – another 5% will get donated to Bobbi and the Strays. Collectibles, antiques, fine and costume jewelry – there is something for everyone – including the 5% TO OUR DOGS AND CATS. Check it out!

And don’t forget to keep checking our website for upcoming events!

We at Bobbi and the Strays want to Thank You for your continued support and wish you and your furry family a Wonderful, Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season!

BATS’ Flickr Account

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011



Did you know that Bobbi and the Strays has a Flickr account?  Well we do – so please visit and take a look.  You don’t even have to have a Flickr account to look at our photosHere is the direct link.  (Flickr is a photo sharing website.) 

AND you can also post your own photos or videos of your adopted furry family to our Group Pool as well – maybe even some pics of some of our events you might have attended.  You can even start some great conversations in our group too.  For this – you have to be/become a member of Flickr, though.  The great news is that it is FREE – and Easy!

If you would like to post to Bobbi and the Strays Group Pool on Flickr – here is what you need to do. 

1)  Go to Flickr –

2)  Log On or Create an Account

3)   Load your photos or video to your own account

4)  Go to the Search Box and type in bobbiandthestrays – all one word – that is just how Flickr does it – then hit the arrow next to search and pull down the menu to “groups” – this way you search for our group

5)  Bobbi and the Strays will come up – click into our group

6)  You will see “Group Pool” in pink – near the top – click that

7)  Then click “Add photo or Video” and just choose what photos or videos you would like to add to our Group Pool.  (Please note that any photos/video you want to add to our group must first be posted under your own account)

Remember to check our page on Flickr often as we regularly upload photos from our events, pictures of our volunteers helping our animals, and of course, the wonderful dogs and cats that we have for adoption.







Remember our page -

You can even bookmark it. : )